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Seibukan Washington Jujutsu
Seibukan Washington Jujutsu

About Seibukan Washington

Tenchikan Dojo of Tacoma, WA

Seibukan Jujutsu is a rare art to appreciate.

Seibukan Jujutsu offers students opportunities to develop physical skills for effective self-defense, thereby increasing overall physical fitness, self-discipline, awareness and self-confidence.

This systems unique structure allows students to learn and progress at their own pace, maximizing their ability to absorb the knowledge and physical skills necessary to achieve their goals as martial artists. With consistency, perseverance and commitment to daily practice, students can obtain balance in mind, body and spirit.


Benefits of Learning Martial Arts

Seibukan Jujutsu students can experience no limitations by living the martial way. It offers students an opportunity to enhance what already exists in previous martial arts training and allows student experiences in feeling confident, skillful and empowered.

As a modern martial system it allows the student to see strengths and weaknesses. Through the skills developed in this martial system the student experiences the self-protection aspect as well as its healing capabilities.  

About Seibukan Washington

Tenchikan Dojo of Tacoma